The Adršpach-Teplice Rocks

A unique labyrinth of rocks situated in the Czech Republic near the Polish border. The labyrinth covers an area of approximately 20 square kilometers and is divided into Adršpach rocks and Teplice rocks.
The horizontal layers of sandstone were uplifted about 30 million years ago as an effect of erosion processes (influenced by the sun, water, cold and wind) and took on fantastic shapes. As a result, a labyrinth of narrow crevices, ravines, gorges and maces has been formed. Some of these forms reach up to 100 m in height, and due to their original shapes appropriate names were given to them (e.g. Grandpa's Chair, Executioner’s Jug, Lovers, Sugarloaf, etc.) The highest point of the Rock Town is Starozamecky Vrch.


In the past, the inhabitants of the surrounding countryside were very reluctant to visit the area. Only in the early 18th century the first pioneers of tourism appeared in the region. Today, the Rock Town is one of the most popular tourist destination points in the country.
In 1790 Johann Wolfgang Goethe visited the Rock Town and 10 years later John Quincy Adams, a future U.S. president, in one of his Letters wrote: "Never have I seen anything like this - a wonderful spectacle of nature."



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